This website encapsulates the culture of the School, to provide new and old friends of the school with information about the practices, procedures, principles, and policies of professional conduct at Jeddah International School, through digital media for clarity, efficiency and convenience. We wish to bring to the public domain the basis for what we do and how we do everything in the school. It serves as an insightful guide for making decisions and the expectation is that those who visit the site will have the opportunity to appreciate what we offer and avail themselves of our services.

Rapid changes characterize contemporary educational practice and management, because of: diversity in student population; easily available educational technology that enhances teaching and learning; plurality of standardized tests; more knowledge about brain function through research in cognitive psychology; and very high expectations from all stakeholder to cultivate learners that can operate effectively in the 21st Century. These are very complex and highly challenging issues for the educational administrator. It is incumbent on us to build the capacities that can incorporate and sustain change. We are happy that we have lived up to the above challenges at JIS by improving upon our school facilities, which are creditable complements to the effective execution of our educational programs. They have been designed to make room for expanded use and upgrade in quality. These have taken place over the years to cater for increased and intensive use, in line with our school improvement protocol.

Our goals are clearly articulated in several documents, including particularly, the School Improvement and Strategic plans; various aspects of which form the framework for operations. We also value the useful guides of our accreditation agencies and scrupulously follow them to achieve our set objectives. From the schools experience, collaboration and cooperation have been achieved through the use of the acronym

TEAM : Together Everyone Achieves More

Please accept my best wishes, for an effective working relationship between us.


Tarek Al-Harazy
School Director


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